What was the name of the Indian Confederacy leader who surrendered in 1766?

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osurpless eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pontiac was the name of the Ottowan Indian leader who surrendered to the British following a rebellion/war in 1766. He represented Indian anger with poor treatment by the British following the French and Indian Wars. It can be said that the Ottawa nation likely expected better treatment by European powers due to the decisive role throughout the war and in ending the conflict.

It was by no means a full scale war, with forts attacked and raids in the countryside rather than organized army marches and pitched battles over several days. Most of the skirmishes occurred over resources and Pontiac was more thrust into a leadership role over desire to ally with the French after initial failure to take key forts and territory.

Likely due to fragmented Indian leadership, a constant problem that marked their conflicts throughout the history of the early Americans into United States history, Pontiac was quickly isolated and forced to surrender. Despite the outcome of the War, the surrender is not what is traditionally called one, as Pontiac simply left the New York and British Area afterwards without losing any lands, resources, or similar.

His life ended a few years later in 1769, over beliefs that he had overstepped his authority as a regional chief whose ambitions lead him to claim a larger leadership role that was desired by other Indian leaders.