What was the name of Cromwell's military machine?

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jgrodsky eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During the English Civil War Oliver Cromwell's military machine, The New Model Army, fought to establish their independence from the Crown and Parliament. This group of men became more than just a militia, and would be considered professional soldiers. The older, more experienced soldiers of the New Model Army did not necessarily hold the same dissenting political views as the younger soldiers, however, both factions of the New Model Army did wish to establish a Commonwealth of England.

Over 22,000 men joined Oliver Cromwell and the New Model Army. Cromwell accepted mostly men who held similar Protestant beliefs.

An elite part of the group was their Regiments of Horse. This group was a highly organized, well-oiled machine. Cromwell insisted that his men charge together, group again, and then charge again towards another goal. The New Model Army strategically defeated opponents, rarely separating from each other. Though when they did, they were relentless throughout 12 years of battle in England, Scotland, and Ireland. 

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