What was Mr. Utterson's reaction to hearing about the crime and seeing the weapon?

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Mr. Utterson is awoken early on the morning following the murder, before he is even out of bed, by the police, who have brought a letter found on Sir Danvers Carew's body, which bears Utterson's name and address. He goes immediately to the police station because he wants to see the body of the dead man before making any statements. Utterson identifies the body as Carew's, which surprises the police officer, because of how well-known and respected Carew is in town. The officer shows Utterson the murder weapon, "the broken [walking] stick" that Utterson had once "presented many years before to Henry Jekyll." At this point, then,

Mr. Utterson had already quailed at the name of Hyde; but when the stick was laid before him, he could doubt no longer; broken and battered as it was, he recognized it [...].

Utterson is, understandably, shocked, but he quickly leads the police to Hyde's door so they can arrest the malefactor. He does not want to believe that his friend Dr. Jekyll is at all connected to this murder, but it certainly does not look good, considering Jekyll's own walking stick is the murder weapon.

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A well-known London gentleman by the name of Sir Danvers Carew has been brutally murdered in a most shocking and cowardly fashion. He was beaten to death by a small figure carrying a walking-stick, which was used as the murder weapon. When the police search Sir Danvers’s body, they find an envelope addressed to Utterson. When he views the corpse, Utterson is immediately able to identify the victim. He also recognizes the murder weapon that the police have managed to retrieve. It is a walking-stick that he had given to Dr. Jekyll as a gift many years before.

Utterson is sure he knows where to find the perpetrator of this most callous act. He leads the police to the lodgings of Mr. Hyde, who answers the murderer’s description. Unfortunately, by the time Utterson and the police reach Hyde’s apartment, he’s nowhere to be found and seems to have left his squalid abode in a bit of a hurry.

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