Explain the most powerful scene from Cry Freedom.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You have many from which to choose.  Attenborough's film is probably one of the best films about a topic that does not receive much in way of treatment, Steve Biko.  I like the ending, to be honest.  When Donald Woods and his family fly out of South African airspace, the journalist who had endured so much to bring out the justice behind Biko's death, he recalls a conversation with Biko about the Soweto uprising.  The scene is powerful, but Biko's voice-over about the predicament that Black children in South Africa face is extremely poignant.  Adding to this is the ending, which others see as a bit too cliched, where political prisoners' names who rebelled against Apartheid and died in prison, like Biko, are shown on the screen with the anthem, "Nkosi Sikele Africa," being sung.  I think that it's a powerful moment in that is truly provides a transformative moment where the viewer understands that their opinion on Apartheid and those who fight for freedom will be permanently altered.