Undaunted Courage Questions and Answers
by Stephen E. Ambrose

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Describe an interesting part of Undaunted Courage that builds readers' interest.

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Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose makes the journey of Lewis and Clark come alive for the reader. The title of the work is extremely fitting, because Lewis and Clark's contemporaries had no idea what the explorers might face on their journey; speculations of what might be found in the new Louisiana territory included everything from dinosaurs to the long lost tribes of Israel to the much hoped for northwest passage. 

One of the most compelling aspects of Undaunted Courage is how Ambrose makes the expedition of these men feel incredibly real to the reader; his portrayal of their journey goes far beyond a mere history lesson, but gives the reader such a wealth of detail that they feel immersed in the experiences that Clark and Lewis encountered.  These men bravely faced a fact-finding excursion of mammoth proportions, and Ambrose painstakingly provides evidence of how they overcame so many of the obstacles faced on the trail like encountering never before met native tribes, both friendly and hostile, surviving the elements, finding supplies on the trail, and even avoiding grizzly bears.

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