Driver's Ed Questions and Answers
by Caroline B. Cooney

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What was the most interesting part of Driver's Ed by Caroline B. Cooney?  Why? I need at least 5 sentences

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I think that you could take several approaches to what is interesting.  The most important element of this is that you have to identify what you consider to be the most interesting aspect of the book.  One idea upon which you might want to write is the excitement and anticipation in getting a driver's liscense.  You could talk about how this excitement is nearly universal in all teens, but then also talk about how this dream can result in being a nightmare if one is not careful.  This book certainly reemphasizes the idea that driving is a privilege, not a guaranteed right.  That might be one dimension to be examined.  Another would be the relationship between Remy and Morgan, and whether or not it is an accurate depiction of how relationships between adolescents develop. Talking about the awkwardness, the emotions, the misunderstandings, and the whole "blowing off" of another could be something to write about.  I think you could also develop a nice little paragraph about hypocrisy in some parents.  Comparing how each kid's parents deal with their child's mistakes could turn out to be a strong response.  There are many ways to go, as it is a good novel with some fairly powerful emotions (The idea that one foolish prank can lead to the Thomas' family devastation is real compelling.)  In the final analysis, you will have to identify what you think is the most interesting aspect of the book and write your feelings on that.

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