What was Montag and Faber's plan in Fahrenheit 451? Do they plan to kill Beatty, or do they plan to hide books in firemen’s home?   

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The plan that Faber and Montag have is to plant books in the homes of firemen so that the firemen will get arrested and there will be no one to enforce the anti-book laws.  Montag says he wants to have "...the salamander devour its own tail,", or bring the society down from the inside.  Montag has a few books of his own, but they know those aren't enough and Faber doesn't keep books around either.  They decide that Montag should go home and get some money, give that money to Faber, and Faber will then give the money to a man he knows who owns a printing press.  They will have books printed that they can then plant in the homes of firemen.  The plan is not enacted because Montag is arrested when the fire run is to his house.  That's when Montag, in a fit of anger and passion, turns the flame thrower on Beatty.  He never planned to kill Beatty, it was a sudden decision.  Faber tells Montag how to get in touch with the book people only when Montag is on the run as a fugitive after he killed Beatty.

gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Montag visits Faber, he begins discussing how they could possibly defeat the authoritarian regime and suggests that they get a printing press to make copies of books. Faber rejects Montag's initial plan then says that he might be interested in helping Montag if the fireman structure could burn itself. Faber then tells Montag that it would make more sense to print the copies and hide them inside firemen's houses throughout the country which would create suspicion among them. Faber then tells Montag that he was merely joking because it would be nearly impossible to go through with a plan of that magnitude without being caught. Faber fears for his life and is hesitant even to help Montag. However, while Montag is fleeing from the authorities he does plant a book in a fireman's home then calls in an alarm. 

answerstome | Student

Luannw is right but when he makes it to the book people he sees as that a random civilian is killed to make up his death. So he doesnt run as a fugitive he runs as a deceased man.