What was the miracle Marly saw in "Miracles on Maple Hill"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first miracle Marly sees is a deer, standing just a few feet away, "absolutely still with its ears and its head up...on its face...the most surprised expression Marly ever saw".  She sees a second miracle when she wakes up the next morning, right outside her window.  There are millions of tiny crystals shimmering on every branch of every tree, and the tree closest to Marly's window is "a wilderness of shining threads, as if every branch, every twig, is spun from ice" (Chapter 5).

The story itself is filled with multiple miracles; Mr. Chris promises one for each week the family comes up to Maple Hill until the end of the school year.  Marly actually witnesses all of these miracles with an exuberant sense of awe.  Some of the miracles have to do with the beauty of nature so evident on the Hill, and others have to do with the growth that takes place in the individuals who experience the Hill's loveliness and tranquility.  Each season brings its own unique miracle - the new life of spring, the free hours of summer, and myriad colors of fall, and the foraging animals of winter.  Each character is affected as well by miracles within, especially Daddy, whose spirit so scarred by war finds peace.

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