What is a memorable section from the second half of State of Fear?

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One memorable moment from the second half of State of Fear comes as Evans and Sarah are attempting to find and stop the cloud-seeding attack that will flood a busy campground. They discover a blue pickup truck that they have seen before, which rams them and then leaves. As the clouds overhead grow darker, their car is hit by lightning.

Two more bolts hit them in rapid succession. Sarah smelled the odor of something burning -- she wasn't sure what. But now she understood why they had been so gently rammed.

The blue pickup had stuck something onto their car. Some kind of electronic thing. And it was drawing the lightning to them.
(Crichton, State of Fear, Google Books)

This device threatens their lives, although the construction of the car protects them. Even though they escape, they discover that their radios also have the lightning-attracting devices in them, and Sarah is struck by lightning and almost dies. These events add suspense and danger to their mission, and demonstrate the dangers of technology when used for harm instead of benefit.

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