What was Maude's birthday gift in the movie "Harold and Maude"?It can't be the ring,the decorations,or the champagne

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In the film "Harold and Maude," the gift that Harold gave to Maude were a coin with "Harold Loves Maude," and a daisy in a glass vase.  Harold and Maud went to the carnival right before her birthday and Harold made a coin in a machine which said "Harold Loves Maude."  She looked at the coin and told Harold that it was the nicest gift she had received in a very long time.  She then throws the coin into the bay and tells him that "now I will always know where it is."

On the evening of Maude's Birthday, Harold blindfolds Maude and takes her into the train car she calls home.  He has decorated it and he walks Maud to a small table.  She states that there is champagne.  Harold says, "it's alright, it's organic."  He then proceeds to pick up a vase with a single daisy in it and says, "a gift for you."  This is to symbolize her individuality and the uniqueness of their relationship.  Then he gives her the box with the ring.  Maud tells Harold that it is a "wonderful farewell."

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