How did the market revolution change the United States?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The term "market revolution" refers to a period, primarily in the early 1800s, in which the US economy changed from one in which most people produced or bartered for everything they used.  The economy changed from that sort of system to one in which people made things mainly to sell and used the money from those sales to buy other things they needed.

This revolution changed America immensely and in many ways.  First, it made average Americans much more prosperous.  It allowed them to buy goods that they had never been able to have before.  Second, it changed ways of life completely.  It created a system in which people were working not just for themselves, but generally for other people.  It broke down old ways of life in which people in a community traded with one another and generally lived a very communal life.  In its place was a more individualistic system where people were less connected to one another.  Third, these changes led to new ideas.  They led to the idea that society would not always stay the same and that society could be made more perfect through human efforts.  This idea led to reform movements such as the movements for abolition, for temperance, for better education, and for women's rights.

These are some of the very profound impacts of the market revolution.

pholland14 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Market Revolution helped to make the modern United States. Farmers began to grow staple crops in order to sell them at market instead of only worrying about subsistence farming. Manufacturers looked for ways to make more product faster which led to interchangeable parts. While some might argue that the craftsmanship may suffer in a market system, men such as Samuel Colt made their fortunes selling the public inexpensive guns.

During this revolution, which happened in the early nineteenth century, many Americans had more spending money, which allowed them greater access to goods that they would not have gotten in the early days of America. American politicians looked for ways to sell surplus American goods abroad and, aside from slavery, the national tariff became one of the leading issues in national politics. The Market Revolution also helped to fuel the Transportation Revolution—farmers and industrialists needed ways to move raw materials and finished products all over the country.

The Market Revolution is therefore indirectly responsible for the internal improvement platform of the Whig Party. The Market Revolution, with its focus on mass production, also encouraged immigration as the early mills looked for cheap sources of labor.  

samjazael123 | Student

The market revolution happened after World War II and in fact wasn't entirely a market revolution it did make our economy #1 in the world at that time. Most of it was to make better products than other nation. Cars was a important export during this time, also was goods like food, utilities, highways(our infrastructure), crops/plants, and power plants etc. I think it was more a competition like during the cold war we wanted to have the best at making planes, weaponry, space shuttles, and even make a more better strategies in battle. In fact much of this was about who was the better country. Today we are in a market revolution that none of us can actually explain except where in a trades war with some of the most well to do nation, like china, india, africa, russia, korea and Japan. It is all about power of the economy as a man who has been studying the conomy for quite some time it is gonna lead to possibly americas downfall because some part of my area of toledo, ohio are very sad almost like a third world country. I would say I like this question...... 

samjazael123 | Student

I thought that was the industrialization? well i'll do some more research.........