What was the main reason that the colonists were motivated to change their government after the Boston Massacre?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The events of the Boston Massacre motivated the colonists to change their government. Up to this time, colonial protests were never met by violent responses by the British. In some instances, the protests were successful in getting laws or policies changed. With the Boston Massacre, events changed as five colonists were killed. People began to believe they could no longer trust the British government or the British military.

The colonists were not fond of the British military. The soldiers were often very young and inexperienced in life events. They believed that because they had the uniform and the weapons, they could do anything they wanted to do. They often treated the colonists rudely and disrespectfully. After the colonists were killed, some people believed that the only solution to improve things was to change the government. They believed things would get worse if the British government stayed in power. Once people were killed, the whole view of the situation changed for some of the colonists.