What was the main goal of the Spanish conquistadors in their expeditions to the Americas?

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When talking about the goals of the Spanish conquistadors, it is also worth noting that their expeditions in the Americas were driven by competition with other European countries, particularly Portugal.

Remember that Spain and Portugal were long-established rivals and that the New World offered plenty of opportunities for wealth because of its natural resources and a native population that could be used for cheap labor. Thanks to Christopher Columbus, the Spanish were the first to gain a foothold in the New World and profit from all of its treasures. Seeing the Spanish benefit financially brought this competition to another level. Portugal wanted a share in the New World bounty.

So, while the desire for gold and glory was a strong motivator, this competition between various countries for supremacy also played a pivotal role in the activities of the conquistadors.

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The Spanish conquistadors were primarily motivated by greed. For...

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