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What was the main focus of the Reformation?

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The main focus of the Reformation was the desire to have a church that met the spiritual needs of its members instead of being so concerned with making money for its leaders.  Reformers felt that the Catholic Church had gotten away from helping people with their spiritual needs and was too concerned with its own power and wealth.

This was what led to the Reformation.  These concerns led people like Martin Luther to start to criticize the Church.  They criticized it both for its concern with wealth and power (on issues like the sale of indulgences and of church offices) and for what they saw as its doctrinal shortcomings (emphasizing the idea that church rituals, rather than faith, could lead to salvation).

The main focus of the Reformation, then, was to improve the Church by making it spend less time on wealth and power and more time on trying to help its members gain salvation.


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