What was the main difference between the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations?

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main difference (and it was a big one) between the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations was that Roosevelt advocated and took direct action to combat the effects of the Great Depression. His "New Deal" created dozens of government programs aimed at providing relief, promoting recovery, and establishing reforms that would guard against future economic disasters. The important thing is that he had faith in the use of the federal government, even if that meant using coercive measures. Through such programs as the Agricultural Adjustment Act and the National Recovery Administration, Roosevelt expanded the role of the federal government in the economy and in the lives of ordinary Americans. This was a significant departure from Herbert Hoover, who found this type of coercive government intervention to be philosophically repugnant. Hoover did advocate significant government activity in the form of public works, government loans to businesses and banks, and voluntary cooperation between businesses to raise wages and lower prices, but in general he did not envision the same kind of massive expansion of the role of government in business that his successor did.