What was Luster looking for by the stream in The Sound and the Fury?

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Luster is looking for his quarter that he had that he lost. He needs it in order to see the minstrel show coming that weekend to Jefferson. Though he looks for it for quite a while, dragging Benjy along with him, he is unable to find it. Still determined to go to the minstrel show, he asks Jason for a quarter, but Jason stingily refuses. The first part, which is in Benjy's point of view, is sprinkled with scenes describing this search, including their wandering along the fence separating the family ground from the golf course. Luster hopes to earn his quarter back by finding lost golf balls for the golfers, but he does not succeed. In another related scene, Luster thinks that he found the quarter, but instead picks up a condom. The condom is evidence of Miss Quentin's promiscuity. Miss Quentin, Caddy's daughter, is meeting men just as her mother, Caddy, used to. Luster's search for the quarter is used as a plot device by the author to convey important information about the Compson family to the readers. The search for the quarter is also mentioned in the third part, Jason's point of view, where Jason's greed and stinginess is further conveyed by his disdainful refusal to lend even a quarter to his servant.