What was the literary movement/period of Elizabeth Barrett Browning?

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Barrett Browning was an English poet who lived from 1806-1861; she was thus a Victorian poet since she lived in England during the Victorian Era.  This era is defined by the reign of Queen Victoria who reigned from 1837-1901.

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning (6.3.1806 - 29.6.1861) belongs to the Victorian Age in English Literature. Queen Victoria ruled over England from 1837-1901.

Much of her poetry is deeply spiritual and religious. She once said,

We want the sense of the saturation of Christ's blood upon the souls of our poets, that it may cry through them in answer to the ceaseless wail of the Sphinx of our humanity, expounding agony into renovation. Something of this has been perceived in art when its glory was at the fullest. Something of a yearning after this may be seen among the Greek Christian poets, something which would have been much with a stronger faculty.

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