What was a likely path (and cause, and approx. date)) for the Jews to move from "Israel" to Alexandria? 

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The city of Alexandria was founded in 332 by Alexander the Great. During this period, the Jews did not exist in a single geographical kingdom of "Israel" but rather were distributed throughout the Levant. Jews were present in the area of Egypt that became Alexandria when the city was founded, and a Hellenized Jewish population has continued to live there until the present. According to Josephus, some areas of the city has a population primarily of Jews, and were allowed a substantial amount of autonomy under the Roman Empire. It was among this population of Hellenized Jews that the Hebrew Old Testament was translated into "koine", a commonly used version of the Greek language, because many members of this population were not fluent in Hebrew, but sufficiently assimilated into Graeco-Egyptian culture to use Greek as their primary language. Philo himself wrote in Greek, as did Josephus. 


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