What was the life of monarchs, nobility, etc. in the 17th century in Western Europe?

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The life of nobility in the 17th century had reached its highest point of glamour, importance, as well as danger and corruption.

In France, the 16th century saw Kings Henry IV, Louis XIII and Louis XIV. As you may know, Louis XIV, was a.k.a The Sun King. His court was the most opulent, expensive, self-centered and rank oriented in the entire Western Europe. He built Versailles as a fortress to accommodate EVERY nobleman and woman of France so that he could keep and eye on each and every one of them.  As for the nobility, they assigned themselves jobs to do for the King which were dependent on what title they held. In the court of Louis XIV there was all the cattiness, pomp,...

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Much like the first answer, I immediately thought of King Louis XIV of France, better known as "The Sun King". Louis XIV lived a lavish life filled with parties, money, and power. He respected art and loved it so much that the Hall of Mirrors was built, paintings were made of him and what he wanted, and much more. 

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