Women Reformers and the Suffragettes

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What was life like for women between 1910-1920? What were the hardships and what were the advantages to being a female during that time period? Was the overall quality of life good or bad for women during that era?

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During this time, women made some gains during World War I, as many American women served as nurses or worked in munitions or other plants during the war. As men were away fighting, jobs opened up to women that would not have been available to them otherwise. This was one of the advantages of this decade. However, women were expected to relinquish these jobs once men returned from the war. Women were also paid less than men, and the jobs open to them were generally clerical or industrial. They were still largely kept out of professions such as medicine or law and kept out of management and politics.

In this decade, an early form of feminism developed, as women pushed for the right to vote, which they were granted in 1920 with the 19th Amendment. In some states, women could vote in the 1910s. However, they held few...

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