What was life like in rennaissance London?

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slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Renaissance London was experiencing a break from the medieval period and moving into a period of economic, religious, and artistic progress. Part of the reason Shakespeare became so popular was that the arts were funded by the upper class. At the same time, the arts were also becoming available to people of all social standing. Printing also became available at this time, so Shakespeare's works were printed in Folios, and that has allowed so many of his works to survive. Economically, England was trading with far off places like India and thriving on these business ventures. Even men born of common origins could make something of themselves, like Shakespeare. However, daily life for the commoner still wasn't wonderful. Cities were crowded and dirty. Water was often contaminated and illnesses ran rampant. Plagues could kill off whole families and there was no real medicine to speak of. However, all of the changes that took place during this time in art, technology, and government had an impact on trade, colonialism, and the arts; which have all had an impact on our lives today.