The Great Depression

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What was life like during the Great Depression?  

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Of course, not everyone experienced the Great Depression in the same way.  There were people who were not greatly impacted by the Depression at all.  For most people, however, the Depression created at least some degree of hardship. 

The people who were hardest hit were those who lost their jobs.  Something like 33% of the workforce lost their jobs.  These people would sometimes also become homeless.  Some ended up in “Hoovervilles” or, as in the case of the “Okies” moved around the country trying to find a place where they would be able to work.  There was more stress in people’s lives with the bad economic situation.  Fewer people married and fewer married people had children.

Paradoxically, this was a boom time for the entertainment industry.  The link below tells us that 60% of Americans went to the movies on a regular basis in the 1930s.  This shows that life was not unremittingly gloomy for all Americans during this time.

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