what was life like in canada for the irish potato famine victims?how were they treated? where did they live? what kind of work did they do....if they woked?

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In 1845, the Irish patato crop suffered a terrible blight - a disease that rotted the patatoes in the fields. Soon, million of Irish were suffering severe hunger because of the loss of their basic food. In desperation, mnay Irish left their homeland to work in the industrialized cities of Britain or to go overseas to the colonies such as Canada.

Life in Canada was really tough, especially since the English had control. The English treated them with prejudiced attitues becuase of their religion and beliefs. The Catholic Irish in Canada felt discrimination from Protestants (English people). Many pepole were torn between being loyal to their new home country and the harsh memories of the British rule in Ireland. Many Irish were hired to work as labourers.


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