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What was the legacy of England's King George?  

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King George is most known for losing the American colonies, but his legacy is much more than that single failure. In fact, it was mostly the policy of the parliament and his prime ministers that botched colonial rule in America. While George fervently opposed American independence until the end, it was the policies of others in the government that ultimately lost the colonies. George would rule over England for almost sixty years. He was one of the most cultured of monarchs in England's history with a keen interest in books and fine art. He also founded the now-famous Royal Academy of Arts.  King George was also interested in the sciences and agriculture.  

George was known to read all of the reports from within his government and was deeply involved in the day-to-day politics of England at the time. Many saw this as a threat to the constitutional monarchy, but George did not usurp power at the expense of parliament. He also maintained the supremacy of the Church of England and was known to be a loyal family man and husband.

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