What was the Kutchin's Indian tribe's traditional clothing?native american tribe called "Kutchin"

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The outer skirt of the Kitchin was made of skins of reindeer, decorated with hair from other animals. The men wore these skirts in front and behind; the women wore larger black shirts. In winter, rabbit skins were worn and they made pants from deer skin with the fur next to the skin. A broad band of beads was worn across the shoulders and breasts and the lower part of the dress was fringed with tassels wound round with dyed porcupine quills and strung with a fruit called oleaster, A stripe of beads, strung with red and white squares, were sewn on the seams of trousers and bands of beads encircled the ankles. The poor Kutchin's tried to wear at least a string of beads and bead were used a a medium of exchange among the Kutchin.

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They wore clothes that closely resembled that of the Eskimos. Woman's clothes were decorated with painted quills while the man's clothes have pointed tails in the front and back of them so as to ensure that they can sit on the ice properly.

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