What was a knight's education in Medieval Europe?

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A knight began his training at a very early age, usually around seven years old. The first step in this training was to become a page. At this level, the young knight-in-training was to master horsemanship, the mace, dagger, lance, battle axe, and two-handed sword. The page would mount a wooden horse and practice at targets with his lance. Sword play was practiced with wooden swords. The young pages were also taught to become adept at swimming, archery, and wrestling, to name a few sports.

The next step was to become a squire , this usually happened between the ages of fourteen and twenty one. By this time, horsemanship had been mastered, and a quintain was used to master the lance. The quintain consisted of a shield and a dummy which would rotate as the squire rode towards it and aimed his...

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