What was Kino's reaction when he caught the scorpion?  

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The Pearl is a story rich in symbolism, and the incident with the scorpion is certainly no exception. Upon discovering the scorpion at the bedside of his son, Coyotito, Kino and his wife pray. Coyotito represent the innocent man, and the scorpion the malevolent forces of the world. The act of prayer seeks for the intervention of a considerate and compassionate force; unfortunately the force does not manifest itself and the scorpion falls on the child, stinging him.

Kinu captures the scorpion and kills it, representative of the rage that mankind often feels when the seemingly purposeless cruelty of nature strikes out at those who have done nothing to deserve their fate. Lacking any means by which to control such forces of evil, we are left with the negative emotions that accompany our helplessness.

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