What was the journey to the Promised Land?

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The Robinson family decides that they have to leave the hot, unsheltered bare rock where they have been encamped. Mrs. Robinson in particular finds the heat of this rock objectionable, and Mr. Robinson agrees to look for a new place for a home. The boys begin to look forward to their move and refer to it as a trip to the "Promised Land," an allusion to the Bible and to the land of Canaan, which God promised to give to the descendants of Abraham. The idea is that the Robinson family's new home will be far more comfortable and will be in the part of the island that is more shaded and covered with trees. Just as the Promised Land in the Bible has access to water, including the Euphrates River, the Promised Land where the Robinson family will live has access to shade and is across a stream.

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I believe that you are referring to something that happened in Chapter 3.  Early on in the book, the family had been living down where they had first landed.  But the mother, especially, wanted to live somewhere else that would be cooler.

In Chapter, 3, the father and some of the boys were out exploring and found a tree that they thought would make a good place to have a tree house.  Later on in the chapter, they plan to move to that place.  They refer to their move as a journey to the Promised Land.

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