The Outsiders Questions and Answers
by S. E. Hinton

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What was Johnny's favorite part of the novel Gone With the Wind? Who did it remind him of?  

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In Chapter 5, Johnny and Ponyboy are hiding out at the abandoned church in Windrixville, and they begin to read the novel Gone With the Wind to pass the time. Ponyboy mentions that Johnny didn't know a lot about the Civil War and the setting of the novel, but is amazed at Johnny's ability to grasp the deeper meanings of the text. Johnny's favorite moment of the novel was when the Southern gentlemen rode into battle knowing that they would surely die. Johnny tells Ponyboy that the Southern gentlemen were gallant and says that they reminded him of Dally. Ponyboy is confused at first because Dally lacks manners and respect, which are predominant character traits of every Southern gentleman. Johnny then tells Ponyboy how Dally was gallant when he was picked up by the cops one night. Johnny says that Dally kept his cool and took the blame for a crime that Two-Bit committed. Ponyboy finally understands why Johnny looks up to Dally so much after he tells him the story of Dally's gallant attitude.

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