What was Johnny's favorite part of Gone With the Wind? Of whom did it remind him?

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In "The Outsiders," chapter five, Ponyboy and Johnny Cade have run away to Jay Mountain after accidentally Bob.  While they are "hiding out" Johnny asks Ponyboy to read out loud from "Gone With The Wind."  Johnny's favorite part of the novel involves the Southern Gentlemen.  He thinks they are very "gallant."  He says he especially enjoys the part where they prepare to ride off to war, facing certain death.  Johnny thinks that these guys really remind him of Dally.  He considers Dally to be gallant.

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In Gone With the Wind Johnny's favorite part waz about the Southern Gentleman being gallant..he sayz it remindz him of Dally and Ponyboy sayz that Dally haz no more mannerz then he doz and that Soda iz more lyk the Southern Gentleman...Johnny sayz ya in the lookz and charm but once he saw Dally gettin arrested 4 something that Two-Bit did and Dally new Two-Bit did it but still went 2 jail 4 him and Johnny sed that waz gallant and Pony started understanding Johnny's 'hero-worshiping' of Johnny

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