What was John Calvin’s contribution to the Protestant Reformation?

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Calvin contributed important ideas and leadership skills to the furthering of the Protestant Reformation.

Calvin proposed that, as described in the new churches of the New Testament, the hierarchy of leadership should consist of deacons, elders, ministers, and teachers. Calvin looked to the New Testament to delegate specific duties to persons in each of these roles. For example, he found a Biblical basis for two major functions of deacons in his new church organization.

There were two orders of deacons in the ancient church, the one concerned with receiving, distributing, and guarding the goods of the poor, their possessions, income and pensions as well as the quarterly offerings; the others, to take heed to and care for the sick and administer the pittance for the poor.

As Calvin's beliefs spread and gained strength, his impact upon the city of Geneva grew ever stronger. Other leaders and followers of the Protestant Reformation came to Geneva for protection from persecution, for training in the Protestant doctrines, and to prepare for travels to convert others to the Protestant faith.

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