In The Great Gatsby, what was Jay Gatsby's rise to fame and what was his downfall?

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Jay Gatsby, who comes from a poor background, gains great wealth through illegal activities, such as bootlegging and gambling. He has always wanted to be wealthy, but winning back Daisy motivates him to new heights.

He comes to "fame" through the lavish parties he throws, to which he invites anyone and everyone. He spares no expense to make these parties impressive, with armies of servants preparing food, a band to provide dance music, and a fully stocked bar. He throws these wild affairs in the hopes that someday Daisy will walk through his door.

If his claim to fame comes through Daisy, so does his downfall. He simply can't accept, after they reunite, that she is going to remain with Tom rather than run away with him. He has dreamed of her for too long. Therefore, when Daisy runs over Myrtle, Gatsby stays by his pool, near his phone, because he still believes Daisy will call him. This makes him a sitting duck when Wilson arrives with a gun, thinking Gatsby killed his wife.

Jay Gatsby's rise...

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