What was the issues of The Tomb of the Nebamum (Egyptian)?Ancient History

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main issue with the tomb of Nebamun is that its actual location has been lost and his mummy has never been found. It may very well have been stolen by ancient thieves.

Speculation about Nebamun is that he was a wealthy official in ancient Egypt. His name means "Amen is Lord." Paintings found in his tomb are some of the most famous renditions of Egyptian art. The tomb was apparently discovered by an Italian, Giovanni d'Athanasi who had a number of paintings and fragments shipped to the British Museum in 1820. Sadly, shortly after the paintings were shipped, d'Athanasi's journal disappeared. The journal contained the only information which would indicate the location of the tomb, although it is believed to be near Luxor.

More recently, scientists at the British Museum have studied pigments and fragments of base rock in an attempt to narrow the location, which appears to be under a settlement. That settlement is presently being demolished by the Egyptian government, and it is possible that the tomb will be located beneath the area.