What was the Industrial Revolution?

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The Industrial Revolution was a period of time when machines replaced hand tools. During this time, people’s lives were changed in many ways. The country also underwent changes during this time.

During the Industrial Revolution, people went to work in factories. Machines now did the work so people had to work in factories. Most people couldn’t afford to buy machines so big businesses became common. This changed the workers’ lives in many ways. Workers now worked in environments that were much less personal and safe. Working conditions in factories were bad, and the workers no longer knew the owners. Hundreds or thousands of people worked under one roof for one company.

With the Industrial Revolution, many new products were made. There were machines that helped make people’s lives easier. When the Industrial Revolution first began, machines like the power loom and spinning jenny helped to make clothes. Eventually, the mechanical reaper and thresher helped farmers. People were able to buy irons and vacuum cleaners to make housework a little easier to do.

Transportation became easier with the Industrial Revolution. The steam engine made river transportation quicker and easier. The same was true for railroads and land transportation. People and products could be moved more quickly and more easily than in the past.

The movement from hand tools to machines during the Industrial Revolution had a big impact on our country and our lives.

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