What was India's political situation before Bose came to power?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Like so much in pre- Independence days, Bose provided a voice for those who were seeking freedom from Britain.  There was a lack of a concerted and consolidated leftist approach to the Independence issue.  Bose provided this voice.  His approach involved the use of violence and the tactical design of launching an assault for Independence while the British were immersed in World War II.  Both of these points were met with disdain by Gandhi, who shrewdly used his power in the Congress movement to force Bose to the margins.  In many ways, Bose provided a choice to those who were seeking a change from the Congress line on Independence.  Before his presence, it seemed that the Congress approach was the only one.  Bose changed that perception to such a situation.  Bose provided the voice for the young and the radical forces that believed the Congress party was moving too slowly and with far too much deference to the British in advancing the cause of Independence.  The reality is that Bose gave an outlet to those who were dissatisfied with the consolidated leadership of the Congress party.  He is revered for his inability to compromise, representing that shrill voice of dissent that always seems to emerge in the call for Independence.

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