What was the incident that helped speed the movement towards revising the Articles of Confederation?  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the tag that you have on here, it appears that you already know what the incident was that helped move the US towards ditching the Articles of Confederation and making a new constitution.

I see that you have tagged this with Shays's Rebellion.  That is the incident that is most commonly seen as leading to the writing of the Constitution.

The idea here is that the Rebellion made richer Americans, especially, worried about the weakness of the national government.  They thought that the states had too much power, leading them to give too much power to the people.  They thought that a stronger national government would be less likely to give in to the demands of the farmers and poorer people.

mkcapen1 | Student

Shays Rebellion which occurred between 1786–87, occurred when desperate farmers demanded help from the surmounting debts and caused the closure of the courts in Mass.  The Congress of Confederation realized that they had no means of controlling the situation.  They had no man power available to pull together to stop the uprising.

The rebellion led to the idea that a new set of laws was necessary to operate the country.  In addition, the government needed a way that each state could operate as a unified country but have its own ability to govern itself.  There was also a recognized need for a military to allow for the enforcement of the laws.

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