What was in the snare that Katniss had inspected that resulted in her and Gale meeting in The Hunger Games?

In The Hunger Games, the animal that is in the snare that Katniss inspects that results in her and Gale meeting is a rabbit.

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The animal trapped in the snare that Gale had set and Katniss is inspecting is a rabbit. The first conversation that takes place between Gale and Katniss, who will later mean so much to each other, has an accusatory tone. Gale assumes that Katniss plans to steal his rabbit, while all she actually wants from this scenario is to learn how to set a snare that will work. This will allow her to set her own snares and catch her own rabbits.

The first thing that Gale says to Katniss is “that’s dangerous,” and Katniss nearly jumps out of her skin with fright, because she has no idea that he is watching her prior to this. After asking her name, Gale reminds Katniss that “stealing’s punishable by death,” which tells us in no uncertain terms that he has misunderstood her intention in examining his handiwork.

After she explains that she was only after information, he demands to know where she got the squirrel that she was carrying from, and his disdain begins to turn to respect when she tells him that she shot it with her bow and arrow.

Gale quickly begins to trust Katniss, as revealed by a smile that transforms his entire visage. Katniss, however, is less willing to trust him, and it takes her several months to return Gale’s smile after their initial encounter in the woods over the rabbit in the snare.

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