What was the impact of the Revolutionary War on African Americans, women, and Native Americans?

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The American Revolution marked the end of British rule of the 13 colonies. With the British on their way out, American society would certainly undergo changes as old ways of thinking and doing things were challenged. The effects of the Revolution were different for women, African Americans, and Native Americans. Women and African Americans experienced some limited gains from the Revolution, while the Revolution did not have a positive effect on Native Americans.

After the Revolution, Americans began to consider issues such as liberty and equality which characterized the revolutionary spirit. It was during this time that American women first started to propose the ideas of greater rights and equality. Abigail Adams is remembered for writing a request to her husband, John Adams, reminding him to "remember the ladies" as he worked to create the new American government. Women, however, would not participate in the creation or operation of the new government.

In 1790, an essay entitled "On the...

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