What was the impact of the Renaissance on human life?

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The Renaissance was very important for all mankind. The renewed interest in classical scholars meant that people started to look for logical reasons for scientific phenomena; this would lead to advances in science and the birth of the scientific method. Renewed interest in exploration would lead to Europe going beyond its borders, first to find spices and Christian converts, later valuing colonies as a source of natural resources and national prestige. The creation of the printing press made spoken languages such as English and French popular; these would lead to the rise of nation-states as people who spoke the same language and had a common culture banded together. The Protestant Reformation started as Martin Luther's attempt to return Christianity to its traditional values as taken from the New Testament; this is part of the Renaissance's tradition of looking back to ancient times to find the best way to live. Finally, the Renaissance gave the world works of art such as Mona Lisa that are still admired today.

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