What was the impact of European colonization on women?

gsenviro | Student

The main impacts of European colonization on women in different European colonies in Asia, Africa and the Americas can be listed as the following:

1) Domestication: The women in various colonies used to contribute to the economy of the household. However, colonists brought with them a "European" way of life in which a woman's place was at home, looking after the household chores and family members. And this European way was imposed on the women in colonies as well, weaning women away from economic activities.

2) Women in the work force: In several other colonies, especially in Africa from where men were taken to America for slavery, women were forced to work in the fields, not only because they needed to in order to support their families (in the absence of men), but also because the colonists forced them.

3) Religious imposition: Along with colonists, missionaries also came to various colonies and imposed the Roman Catholic philosophy on the colonies. They tried to change everything aboriginal, and destroyed not only the religious beliefs, but the very way of life of the native people.

4) Diseases: Colonists also brought with them non-native diseases and this also led to health issues, especially for women.

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