What was home life like in ancient Egypt?

just need a simple explanation for my 7th grade son's social studies project , i don't know how to answer this

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First of all, I suggest that you follow this link to find a great deal of information about the topic that you are asking about.  This has a greater variety of information than I can possibly put in my answer there.  It is from a very reputable university, so you can rely on it.

Some things that my students have found interesting when I have taught about Ancient Egypt include:

  • Children typically did not wear clothes.
  • Children were apparently quite well cared for.  They were given nicknames and had a lot of toys.  The fact that they were typically able to play a lot shows that they were relatively well off and did not always have to work.
  • Children were only educated if they were part of the ruling class.  Otherwise, their education consisted of learning their father's trade or learning how to do "women's work" from their mothers.

As I said, you should definitely follow the link above.  I would suggest giving brief discussions of what sort of work men and women did, what kinds of games children played, and what the marriage relationship was like (the degree to which marriage was like marriage in our society).

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