What was Hamlet's overall behavior toward Polonius?

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In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Hamlet seems to be an excellent judge of character, and he finds Polonius wanting of any.

He is flippant and sarcastic and insulting when dealing with Polonius.  He is also grotesque with his imagery when talking to or about Polonius.

For instance, in Act 2.2 Hamlet enters the stage reading a book.  Polonius quickly urges Claudius and Gertrude off the stage so that he can "board" Hamlet, approach him and determine if his theory of why Hamlet is mad is accurate.

Repeatedly in the work, others think they can "play" Hamlet, so to speak.  They think they can talk to him and manipulate him and determine his motivations, etc.  Polonius tries this here.

Hamlet plays Polonius instead, figuratively disarming him...

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