What were Alexander Hamilton's views on federal government?

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Alexander Hamilton had strong views on the role of the federal government. Alexander Hamilton believed the federal government should be strong and should play a major role in our country. Hamilton believed the federal government should be able to do many things. He believed that unless the Constitution specifically prohibited the federal government from doing something, it should be acceptable for the government to do that activity. This belief is based on a loose interpretation of the Constitution. Therefore, Alexander Hamilton believed it was acceptable to have a national bank. He believed it was acceptable to develop a national plan to deal with our country’s debt. Those who believed in a strict interpretation often fought against Hamilton’s ideas. However, eventually the courts ruled that a loose interpretation of the Constitution was legal. 

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Hamilton and Jefferson had very different views. Hamilton preferred order, but Jefferson wanted liberty, the complete opposite.

Hamilton- Order

  • He did not trust the people because he did not think they could judge right.
  • Feared democracy
  • He wanted a strong central government that would be dominated by the educated elite
  • Loose constitution
  • Strong military force
  • Balanced economy

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