Gulliver's Travels Questions and Answers
by Jonathan Swift

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What was Gulliver's experience in Lilliput and Brobdingnag? Please keep your response within 200-250 words.

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In Lilliput, Gulliver finds that he is ten times the height of the average native.  The Lilliputians prove themselves to be, in many ways, warlike and intolerant: one especially vitriolic disagreement over which end of the egg to crack resulted in thousands of deaths.  Further, when Gulliver refuses to help the emperor of Lilliput destroy the navy of their neighboring enemy, Blefuscu, and enslave its people, the emperor turns on Gulliver, charging him with treason against the state and planning his execution.  Gulliver escapes only with the aid of the Blefuscudian emperor.

In Brobdingnag, Gulliver is, at first, grossly exploited by a farmer who realizes that he could use the tiny man (now ten times smaller than the natives) to make some quick money.  He almost works Gulliver to death.  In time, Gulliver is purchased by Brobdingnagian royalty and he lives in relative peace at the palace with his child nurse, Glumdalclitch, to care for him.  He does have a number of unfortunate run-ins with the court little person (jealous as a result of the favor Gulliver receives), a monkey, and even a dog.  He is eventually carried away by a very large bird, only to be dropped into the ocean and picked up by a ship. 

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