What was the greastest challenge all the boys faced (including the main characters) in Lord of the Flies?

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In the book The Lord of the Flies all of the boys first faced the danger of landing safely on the island. Once they were banded together they had to face the primary issues of finding drinking water, food, and shelter.

The older boys had to face learning how to care for the group as a whole. They had lived with adult supervision and always had things they needed. Now they not only have the care of their needs but also those of the younger children. This is a difficult task since the boys are between the ages of six to twelve.

Simon has to cope with seizures and a need for determining the truth of what lies behind the idea of the beast. He learns the truth of human nature. He is killed as a result of his own discovery of the reality of the beast and the boys emerging collective savage behaviors.

Ralph has to contend with Jack as an opponent for the role of leader. He wants to be rescued and knows that having a fire continuously going is a necessity. However, he has little help. In addition, he has gained an enemy in Jack which results in Ralph having to fight for his life.

Jack has the conflict of desiring to be the leader when Ralph is appointed. he ahs an innate need to kill and gets frustrated when he can not kill a pig initially. He needs power and overcomes this by controlling the others through food and cruelty.

Piggy is the saddest of the boys. He is over weight and has asthma. He is not in good physical shape and can not see without his glasses. His glasses are broken and later they are stolen to be used to make fire, leaving him visually blind. He is caring and tries to look after the littluns. Piggy has to deal with being made fun of, picked on, and eventually killed by Roger.

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