What was the government, economics, and religion like in the three regions of the 13 colonies?

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The British colonies were divided into three regions. These were the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.  Each region had its unique characteristics in terms of government, economics, and religion.

In the New England colonies, there was more self-government than in the other regions.  Two of the colonies were charter colonies where people could elect all of their leaders. Economically, people worked in manufacturing, trade, shipbuilding, and fishing. There was not a lot of farming. Religiously, there wasn’t a great deal of diversity.

In the Middle colonies, the owner of the colonies often influenced the government. A few of the colonies were proprietary colonies.  The people might be able to influence the owner in his choice for governor.  They could elect their legislature.  Economically, there were farming and industries. The Middle colonies closest to New England were more likely to have industries.  The Middle colonies closest to the South were more likely to farm. There was a great deal of religious freedom and diversity in the Middle colonies.

In most of the Southern colonies, the King made the choice for the governor. The people had little influence about this choice.  They were able to elect their legislature.  Economically, most people were farmers.  The South had fertile soil and a warm, mild climate.  There wasn’t a lot of religious diversity in most of the Southern colonies.

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