What was General Zaroff's home called?

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General Zaroff resides in a "palatial chateau" located on Ship-Trap Island, which is in the middle of the Carribean Sea. Zaroff's chateau is magnificent and Rainsford initially thinks he has discovered a small village because of the numerous lights he sees as he walks toward the massive building. The interior of General Zaroff's chateau is luxurious and there is even a large marble staircase that the general walks down when Rainsford enters his home. Zaroff's dining room resembles a medieval "baronial hall of feudal times," complete with oak walls, high ceilings, and exotic animal heads. General Zaroff's chateau is located on Ship-Trap Island, which has an evil reputation among seafaring men. General Zaroff and Ivan are the only two permanent inhabitants and Ship-Trap Island is where the general hunts defenseless humans for entertainment purposes. The island is quite difficult to traverse and even includes a "Death Swamp." Fortunately, Rainsford survives three days on the island and defeats the general at the most dangerous game.

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General Zaroff lives in a gigantic, palatial chateau on the aptly named Ship-Trap Island. The island, as Zaroff himself says, is the ideal location for his deadly games. First of all, it's in a remote location, so Zaroff can merrily hunt away free from prying eyes. Secondly, the island's rocky shore ensures that any ship that strays too close is likely to end up being wrecked against the sharp edges of the rocks. If anyone is lucky enough to survive such a shipwreck, they'll soon be cursing their luck, as they'll almost certainly become the latest human quarry in one of Zaroff's hunts.

As for the chateau itself, it's an imposing structure. Its exalted position high up on a cliff gives it an unbeatable view of the island and its surroundings. As the only source of light for miles around, it can easily attract ships to the island only to dash them against the jagged rocks. This is how Zaroff gets his prey.

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