What was Florence’s life like when she was growing up in Seedfolks?  

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Florence grew up near the Gunnison River in the Colorado country. She mentions that she and her family were the only black people in the entire county and that her father referred to them as seedfolks. Florence comments that she misses "country things" like the smell of the hayfield and picking beans off of the vine. Although Florence does not elaborate on her childhood in the country, the reader can assume that Florence's youth was full of gardening, playing outside, and working with her hands. Florence goes on to lament about not being able to participate in gardening because of her arthritis. When speaking about the community garden on Gibb Street, Florence says, "I had to settle for being a watcher" (Fleischman 84). Florence also mentions that her grandmother used to tell her not to be solitary or idle. The reader can surmise that Florence was also busy as a child and constantly engaged in some sort of activity. Florence's childhood was active, and she spent it in the Colorado country surrounded by her loving family. 

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