What was the first thing that Anne packed as she prepared to go into hiding in "Anne Frank:  The Diary of a Young Girl"?

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The very first thing that Anne packs as she prepares to go into hiding is her diary.  With her diary she includes "hair curlers, handkerchiefs, schoolbooks, a comb, old letters".  Anne realizes that the things she is taking are "the craziest things", but she is not sorry, because "memories mean more to (her) than dresses" (8 July 1942).

With the worsening of conditions for Jews since the rise of Hitler in 1938, the family had been making arrangements to go into hiding for some time.  For awhile, even though "good times rapidly fled" when the Germans arrived in Holland, life at least in Anne's eyes was "still bearable", despite the many restrictions on Jewish freedoms (20 June 1942).  Then one day, the family receives a call-up notice from the S.S.  At first they think the note is for Daddy, but chillingly, it is for Anne's older sister Margot, who is only sixteen.  The time has come to go into hiding.

Miep, a friend who works with Daddy, comes by to surreptitiously take "shoes, stockings, books, and underwear" for the Frank family.  The Franks themselves put on all the clothes they can, because taking suitcases would only arouse suspicion.  The hiding place which the family has prepared is located in the building where Daddy works.  Wearing many layers of clothing and carrying only her school satchel which holds her precious diary, Anne and her family set out early in the morning.  Moortje, her cat, is the only one to whom Anne has a chance to bid farewell (8 July 1942).

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