What was the first thing Peter Pan said to Wendy?

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The first thing that Peter Pan says to Wendy is “what’s your name?”

She tells him her full name and then asks him his. He responds that it is Peter Pan, a name Wendy finds disappointingly short. She then asks where he lives, and for the first time, we hear a whimsical, unusual answer from Peter Pan. He tells Wendy that he lives,

Second to the right . . . and then straight on till morning.

Wendy comments on that address by calling it "funny."

This may not seem like much of an exciting beginning, but it establishes that Peter Pan is polite, as is Wendy. It also provides basic information about Peter Pan, and, as we learn through the narration, Wendy's opinions mean a lot to Peter. She comes across as motherly, and he seems a bit odd, especially when he begins to talk about having lost his shadow.

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